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Greatness requires a guide

Elite performers in every arena share one strategy; they all have coaches. We cannot always see what’s preventing us from reaching the next level. Be strong enough to let someone stronger see where you are still weak. Feeling stuck? Make sure you have a guide for your health, your work, and your relationships.



License Marriage & Family Therapist

I remember thinking, “this can’t be my life.” I was depressed, disconnected from my wife, and struggling with compulsive behaviors that were out of control. Then I reached out for support. Stop trying to do it alone. The right support from a specialized therapist will help you find the power you have to break the cycle. As a clinician who started out years ago as a client, I know the fear of making that first call. I also know the relief of hearing that my therapist understood what I was going through, and knew the way out.

Meet your guide. Brian Reiswig is a licensed psychotherapy and ordained pastor… Integrating attachment science and the Word of God, the Marriage Mastery course is based on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and built upon the rock of God’s true intentions and design for marriage.


FOR MARRIAGE MASTERY AND GET ACCESS TO MY EIGHT WEEK ONLINE COURSE to help you build the incredible marriage you were created for.

Module #1

Your Marriage Is Working – Understanding that getting stuck doesn’t mean that somethings gone wrong. 

Module #2

The Silent Alarm – Why does conflict in marriage get so elevated and activate such intense emotions? 

Module #3

Survival Mode – In times that matter most, why do we behave in ways that make things worse? 

Module #4

Breaking the Pain Cycle – Why does it feel like we keep having the same fight again and again?

Module #5

Getting Back to Great – When tension rises, how do we restore connection now? 

Module #6

Putting the Past Behind Us – How do we talk about past wounds so that they actually heal? 

Module #7

Let’s Get Physical – What is the true recipe for a passionate sex life? 

Module #8

Going Back to Bethel – The sacred practice of remembering & how it keeps us connected and protected. 



In this course you will learn: 

$ 499
  • The real reason you keep getting stuck in your communication and conflict. 
  • How to communicate effectively to feel heard and resolve conflict.
  • How to talk about painful moments of the past so that you can finally leave them behind you, and more.
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Obviously, we do not get to choose all the people in our lives. For the most part we don’t get to choose our coworkers or our bosses. We don’t get to choose our neighbors and don’t get to choose the family that we came from. But we do choose the voices we hold closest. The voices we turn to when we’re feeling down. The voices we turn to when we’re need encouragement, when we need someone to believe in us, when we need someone to knock some sense into us.

Our closest relationships; our best friends, our closest family, our mentors and our coaches have far more power in our lives than we usually give them credit for. Be careful whose voice you let in, because pretty soon their voice will be your voice. 



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